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UFO, Extraterrestrial

Entries for August, 2008

Life on Mars

Life on mars, is remains an question whether life exist on mars or ever in past existed on mars, Scientist believe that the conditions on Mars make life impossible. Mars have certain other similarities to Earth, for example the length of a day on Mars was almost same as a day on Earth, axial tilt […]

Extraterrestrial Life

Are We Alone in the Universe ? Couple of years ago, conventional astronomical wisdom held that the formation of life is such an unlikely event that humanity is almost certainly the only intelligent species in the universe. But with the recent discovery of other solar planetary systems and the realization that life might exist or […]

UFO – Unidentified Flying Object

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) it is a term of aerial objects that cannot be identified, UFO is an object that reported as an unidentified object. First official reporting of unidentified flying object is recorded during secret military mission in World war II, After the war hundreds of thousands of UFO activity reported worldwide. UFO is […]

Mars Exploration

Mars (red planet) is forth planet in the solar system, From our planet mars looks reddish that’s because abundance of iron oxide on the mars surface. Mars can be seen by naked eyes without telescope at bright light. Mars have two moons Phobos and Deimos. Mars has been considered the most realistic location for life […]