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UFO, Extraterrestrial

Entries for September, 2008


Alien-extraterrestrial-ET’s are refers to a live being(s) beyond planet Earth. In 1946 with the explosion of the atomic bomb, World War II ends, there were thousands of strange flying objects seen, some identified as secret military crafts and some as an Alien Crafts. The atomic explosion brought visitors from far planetary systems. The sighting reports […]

Alien Base on the Moon

Alien Base on the Moon, many believe about Alien presence on the Moon. Rumors say there is an Alien Base on the far side of the moon, the side we never see from Earth. Earth would not be the only place in the deep space that intelligent extraterrestrial beings would travel to. Even using advanced […]

Alien-like creature from Mars

Pictures of an alien-like creature from Mars have recently created some serious buzz over the Internet. They were taken back in 2004 by Nasa’s Mars explorer vehicle ‘Spirit’. Mars Rover Spirit sent a picture back from the surface of Mars that shows what might be a walking Alien taking a stroll on Mars! It appears […]

Crop circles

Crop circles are one of the most profound and mysterious phenomena of the modern age. Are they a communication from extra-terrestrials? Evidence of other dimensions or a catalyst to advancing our way of thinking? Crop Circles formations usually found in grain crops, where the crop has been mysteriously found laid flat, in patterns, that did […]