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Moon artifacts visualized

Images from Clementine image browser have some black patches and smudge areas, its clear from leaked photos that those areas have some constructions and anomalies, In this model i tried to show some of them. Artifacts shown in model are just visionary, For fun purpose. Click to open(Flash Required).

USO — Deep Sea UFOs Part 1 of 6

The sightings of UFOs traversing the ocean are not new. On June 18, 1845 according to the Malta Times (Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean south of Sicily. A British colony until 1964) “We find the brigantine Victoria some 900 miles east of Adalia, when her crew saw three luminous bodies emerge […]

mars rover to mars holst the planets

the popular digital simulation of the mars rover played with Holst’s “mars” from “the planets” “uncanny” is all I have to say Video Rating: 4 / 5

Alien Technology Found on Mars — Ours! – Discovery News

Look! Down on the ground. See that small speck at the lower left corner on this picture of Mars? It’s alien technology — ours! NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) snapped this image of Bonneville Crater, near where Spirit, one of NASA’s two roving geology stations, landed in January 2004. The scene was captured by the […]